We are bright moons reflected in other people’s skies

Photo by and copyright of Alexey Yurenev

My latest musings

Crocodile Tears

No more wind-blown, torn cloud reptile tears,That fill the space where words should claimThe right to state and not whitewash years,But echo back the skin-felt blame,And the shame, the shame, the shame, the shameOf mine-deep things hid in our name,Like a poisoned fruit from a poisoned treeWith mangled roots that won’t let us beThey holdContinue reading “Crocodile Tears”

Solstice flames

Sculptured Willow of green silhouetted silk,Host to a blackbird in full throated operatic flight,Ceasing its song to trade alerts with its brother,A call to refuse the end of day, this night.“Be up with you, you, you, you, you” he cries,Embers of the longest day fade from sight. And while the light is still here, thereContinue reading “Solstice flames”

Ebony Line

Where lies the conjuring power of this starkest contrast? its simplicity is just masterful, eloquent and bombast. This so perfect example of polemic spectrum ends, it spells out a full lexicon in its curving bend. With its black hole power, it sucks you in, dominion supreme, ebony line so thin.

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