We are bright moons reflected in other people’s skies

Photo by and copyright of Alexey Yurenev

My latest musings

Spaceman Seb

Happy birthday star man. See the boy with the twinkling eyes, Which hide the soul that won’t hide the lies? He came to earth in a rainbow glow, His presence here, for all to know. He surfs the clouds, he sails the land, In search of pixies to join his band. Such a beauty withContinue reading “Spaceman Seb”


For what may have been and for John. On the isle of giants beneath the wings of eagles, a flycatcher sings in the bough of an apple tree. It sears the damp air with high-pitched bullets that ricochet off the nunnery rocks and out toward the Ross. Standing midway between its beak and the pebbledContinue reading “Lionheart”

Bean Abacus

For Nigel, his wife and children His green, unfocussed eyes drift aimlessly in search of a fixed horizon. Imperceptibly, lukewarm beige tea eases effortlessly down the parched cascade landscape of his throat. Slow motion eyelid shutters close then open, close then open, like a malfunctioning shop front at the end of the working day. TheContinue reading “Bean Abacus”

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