We are bright moons reflected in other people’s skies

Photo by and copyright of Alexey Yurenev

My latest musings

Attila the Stockbroker

Shouty, loud, anarchic and brilliant – I could go on casting adjectives around till the sun goes down when asked about Attila. His ability to blend biting sarcasm with right on the edge humour to get over his left-wing political rantings has always had me in awe of the man.  Like LKJ and JCC, IContinue reading “Attila the Stockbroker”

Dr. John Cooper Clarke

For anyone who was nurtured by the punk revolution, as was I, the initials JCC are inextricably linked with the high priest of punk poetry.  Along with LKJ and Attila the Stockbroker, he made poetry for me, a contemporary art form. His crazy take on life, fused with salient points about the then desperate stateContinue reading “Dr. John Cooper Clarke”

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