We are bright moons reflected in other people’s skies

Photo by and copyright of Alexey Yurenev

My latest musings

For Caroline and Dave

In the summer of our salad days, the gods of music set the score,Life’s autumn would be marked by three times twenty and four. Standing on that doorstep, over our shoulders we glance,At all the times shared clothed in laughter, song and dance. Then, this point seemed so very, very far away,And yet, from here,…

Morning lights

As we headed east, above our heads the sequential lights went out,One, by one, by one, until every one,Was dark. The dawn’s gloom rose, slowly, as our eyes unfurled from their beds,To behold a sight, so rare, so bright,So stark. A perfect screen of iridescence, a diamond-cut blazing foil against which,Two dimensional man-made silhouettes stood,So…

My Old Man

He hears me without listening,Without ears. He sees me without looking,Without eyes. He speaks to me without talking,Without a voice. But I hear him daily, feel his words about me,Not about, but around me. He looks older now, his skin pale and drying,Scrawny arms in silhouette revealing, A frame still statuesque,Even in his winter years.…

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