We are bright moons reflected in other people’s skies

Photo by and copyright of Alexey Yurenev

My latest musings

Faded Icons

For Jen, who needs only one faith May 15th Ancient, unchanging, benevolent face, How mournful behind it your soul must be. Ahimsa faith lost on a “master race”, Nirvana unreached by humanity Celebrated image, icon of peace, Now faded, jaded, like Lindisfarne walls. We reject dukkha – you promise release, But higher disciples rejected yourContinue reading “Faded Icons”


For my dear friend Geoff May 14th The house expands, cracking stiff mortar limbs, Kettle rumbles against a sulking sky. Blackbird and Robin harmonise their hymns, As Sparrow chirps interject keeping time. A baritone dog barks, when car engine stirs, Boilers play steaming trumpet fanfare blasts. Blue Tits, in stuttering staccato chirrs, Duet with tapContinue reading “Matins”


For Haitch and Tina May 13th Twixt Beltane and Litha, harbinger blooms, Offering blessings, sweet tokens of love, It’s violet whorls with heady perfumes, Gifts to honour those crossed and above. Childhood reminders, the dawn of warms days, Innocent laughter and damming of brooks. Revered by mothers, in warning they’d say, To welcome you inside,Continue reading “Syringa”

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