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Faded Icons

For Jen, who needs only one faith May 15th Ancient, unchanging, benevolent face, How mournful behind it your soul must be. Ahimsa faith lost on a “master race”, Nirvana unreached by humanity Celebrated image, icon of peace, Now faded, jaded, like Lindisfarne walls. We reject dukkha – you promise release, But higher disciples rejected yourContinue reading “Faded Icons”


For my dear friend Geoff May 14th The house expands, cracking stiff mortar limbs, Kettle rumbles against a sulking sky. Blackbird and Robin harmonise their hymns, As Sparrow chirps interject keeping time. A baritone dog barks, when car engine stirs, Boilers play steaming trumpet fanfare blasts. Blue Tits, in stuttering staccato chirrs, Duet with tapContinue reading “Matins”


For Haitch and Tina May 13th Twixt Beltane and Litha, harbinger blooms, Offering blessings, sweet tokens of love, It’s violet whorls with heady perfumes, Gifts to honour those crossed and above. Childhood reminders, the dawn of warms days, Innocent laughter and damming of brooks. Revered by mothers, in warning they’d say, To welcome you inside,Continue reading “Syringa”


For Julia, as it’s the one holiday she would not take May 12th A patio, a quartet unspoken, Four black backs turned, inviting collusion. Their quiet contemplation unbroken, Exhausted, slumped at the table; all in. Perhaps they’re mourning the soon coming day, Or maybe ruined the previous night? Preferring their silence, they do not say,Continue reading “All-Inclusive”

May 11th

For Joyce and Ada May 11th, In preparation for my mum’s birthday today, I spent a number of days repairing a photo of her sat with her mum when she was about 16 I reckon. It took ages to finish, it was a labour of love that inspired the following poem. Sepia tinted memories, goldContinue reading “May 11th”

Waiting in Vain

For too many to mention May 10th Heavenly blossoms borne on floating stems, Heady, delightful bouquets like incense. Empty promises, no garlanded gems, Unperfumed evenings, fragrance, is not scent. Tended with such care, those slim tender limbs, Hold lime leaves in May, where great hope is laid. Year after year, expectation grows dim, As kindnessContinue reading “Waiting in Vain”

Mr Toad

For no one in particular May 9th If science allowed it, what would you ask? What am I, what’s the point of existing? Is there a toad god, maybe, what’s my task? Amphibious philosopher thinking Does loneliness wash with you in your tray? Does the sun in you deep thoughts elicit? Perhaps you contemplate inContinue reading “Mr Toad”

John Bunyan’s Shed

For the brave Lady Rachel of Robin May 8th What valiant pilgrim would stand at this door, Fearless of the evil lurking inside? Fabled beasts of forest, mountain, and moor? Good men and women have tried, failed, and died. “There in be dragons” whispers the gnarled tree, “And ghostly machines, for to dig ditches, DustContinue reading “John Bunyan’s Shed”

Garlic 18

For Brian and Karen, happy foraging. May 7th, Should I equate you with a fairground ride? I find you far more exhilarating! Discovered living among the dead we hide, I took you home to enrich my kitchen. The Hydra’s Ivory stars you display, Amidst your luscious, silken verdant sprays. Drenching Italianate woodland bouquet, Refreshing myContinue reading “Garlic 18”

Wordworth’s Shroud

For Jethro, and his love of all things renewing May 6th Spring’s herald hangs voiceless, faceless, silent. Now the trumpet beckons a new season, Its first flush of life so soon sadly spent, Energies engaged for other reasons. Dried tobacco ponytails tumble out, Like clay-coloured flowing rivers in flood, Elephant hide desiccated by drought, ParchedContinue reading “Wordworth’s Shroud”


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