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Crocodile Tears

No more wind-blown, torn cloud reptile tears,That fill the space where words should claimThe right to state and not whitewash years,But echo back the skin-felt blame,And the shame, the shame, the shame, the shameOf mine-deep things hid in our name,Like a poisoned fruit from a poisoned treeWith mangled roots that won’t let us beThey holdContinue reading “Crocodile Tears”

Solstice flames

Sculptured Willow of green silhouetted silk,Host to a blackbird in full throated operatic flight,Ceasing its song to trade alerts with its brother,A call to refuse the end of day, this night.“Be up with you, you, you, you, you” he cries,Embers of the longest day fade from sight. And while the light is still here, thereContinue reading “Solstice flames”

Ebony Line

Where lies the conjuring power of this starkest contrast? its simplicity is just masterful, eloquent and bombast. This so perfect example of polemic spectrum ends, it spells out a full lexicon in its curving bend. With its black hole power, it sucks you in, dominion supreme, ebony line so thin.


Brethren of the selfish and Arrogant. Self-serving and shameless, Tory fat-cats scoffing buffets at a food bank. Avaricious to a tee, Regardless of their Disgusting behaviour. Soulless vile shits every fucking one of them.

Spring song

First the blue, among the green, the hazy, wavy blue of Forget-me-nots, stalkless, hovering above brown earth unseen, yellow eyes blinking through slots. And then the blue shade returns, This time in a darker hue, lips of polished navy, upturned, bonnets of Bluebell trumpets come into view. Then miniature lamplights of canary yellow, dotted hereContinue reading “Spring song”

Almond kisses

Bitter are the drips that linger from the lips of a deceiver’s kiss.Slim, sweet soft almonds lips,Piss poisoned sugar kisses. The sulphur tar of gaslight burns scars in naïve lungs.It’s dull flame casts shadows,Where deceit rapes honesty. In kennels ever-hungry black dogs wait at their master’s heel.Silken sirens sound the clarion call,A near bare stageContinue reading “Almond kisses”

The Burn Generation

We are the Burn Generationwe aspire to fire all hope.We are the Burn Generation,infant dreams we incend and choke.We are the Burn Generation,we scorch the woke.We are the Burn Generation,blisters form our DNA.We are the Burn Generation,we flame both night and day.We are the Burn Generation,gaslighting you with all the blame.We are the Burn Generation,weContinue reading “The Burn Generation”

Raindrop windows

Bright white billows the duvet cover on the line…….., not the cases for pillows, they are too small to hold what is needed. To be what is needed. It moves with slow grace, the soft wings of an embracing swan, swollen with warm air, a rising cloud of snow dough. It appears larger than theContinue reading “Raindrop windows”

Tulips in the dark

Some flowers bloom in the dark,Unseen by sunshine they crave,Untended but for one tender touch. Still, they bloom. Unnourished as a plagued plain,With buds of waxen green,Unwatered, never to be seen. Still, they bloom. Sometimes, a flap of a moth’s wing,Stirs a whirlwind held in place and time,And they tremble from stalk to roots. Still,Continue reading “Tulips in the dark”


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