The winds of change

Red and gold handkerchiefs flap about the floor,Mischievously hiding once common sights.Summer’s green gloves turned by another season. A soft breeze blows the willow’s silver sleeves with ease,And the Birch’s too.Exhausted Brimstones falling to rest on the pavement. In unison, the trees barrel and roll,Great swathes of tumbling sage form folding waves on which theContinue reading “The winds of change”

Sunset drinks

Fingers of froth feel their way into the shore’s sea-soaked cracks,Slip, slap, shiplap overlapping conversations between ocean and cooled lava,In the air above the waves, music blurs with the chatter of parading peas and hens,Sun-baked scents of forgotten herb beds on dry mountain terraces fuse with expensive oils,Floating fragrances that signal the beautiful ones areContinue reading “Sunset drinks”

Crocodile Tears

No more wind-blown, torn cloud reptile tears,That fill the space where words should claimThe right to state and not whitewash years,But echo back the skin-felt blame,And the shame, the shame, the shame, the shameOf mine-deep things hid in our name,Like a poisoned fruit from a poisoned treeWith mangled roots that won’t let us beThey holdContinue reading “Crocodile Tears”