Unkempt borders and dishevelled hedges, Discarded presents and forgotten pledges. Against slate grey skies and muffled clouds, Green spikes promise to sing out loud. Twinkling ice and pitch black nights, Twitchers scour for foreign flights. From nostrils flared come steaming plumes, Curtains draw on snug living rooms. Fox bark breaks the midnight air, We mayContinue reading “January”

The Emperor’s New Clothes

I see you now, disrobed, a tryant emperor shorn of clothes,Childhood born fears that transformed to adult screams – you came so far.Played on the screens of my mind’s TV dreams, you filled my years, fate defining hate drilled tears.Fear of failure tears.Fear filled yearsFear of failing to match peers. Faces I knew, places untrue,Continue reading “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Thief in the night

You slipped in like a thief in the night, undercover of so much darkness,Unseen, unheard, unknown you brought even more darkness with you.Long lasting, perpetual darkness was your perfume,Your gifted lingering presence hung in lounge, ward, and bedroom. Like a silent pickpocket you slithered through the crowd,With the deftest of fingered touches, you chose andContinue reading “Thief in the night”