Crocodile Tears

No more wind-blown, torn cloud reptile tears,That fill the space where words should claimThe right to state and not whitewash years,But echo back the skin-felt blame,And the shame, the shame, the shame, the shameOf mine-deep things hid in our name,Like a poisoned fruit from a poisoned treeWith mangled roots that won’t let us beThey holdContinue reading “Crocodile Tears”

Almond kisses

Bitter are the drips that linger from the lips of a deceiver’s kiss.Slim, sweet soft almonds lips,Piss poisoned sugar kisses. The sulphur tar of gaslight burns scars in naïve lungs.It’s dull flame casts shadows,Where deceit rapes honesty. In kennels ever-hungry black dogs wait at their master’s heel.Silken sirens sound the clarion call,A near bare stageContinue reading “Almond kisses”

The Burn Generation

We are the Burn Generationwe aspire to fire all hope.We are the Burn Generation,infant dreams we incend and choke.We are the Burn Generation,we scorch the woke.We are the Burn Generation,blisters form our DNA.We are the Burn Generation,we flame both night and day.We are the Burn Generation,gaslighting you with all the blame.We are the Burn Generation,weContinue reading “The Burn Generation”

Tulips in the dark

Some flowers bloom in the dark,Unseen by sunshine they crave,Untended but for one tender touch. Still, they bloom. Unnourished as a plagued plain,With buds of waxen green,Unwatered, never to be seen. Still, they bloom. Sometimes, a flap of a moth’s wing,Stirs a whirlwind held in place and time,And they tremble from stalk to roots. Still,Continue reading “Tulips in the dark”