Anthem for a lost generation

His silence he now shares with his brothers.No naked flame held to light his way,Carried by offspring, mothers, or lovers,He finally reached that end of day.Now, the tide of aching has faded and ebbed away. Colour drained, pray, beg, hope he sleeps in peace.He left no epitaph, he’d said all he could say,His tether’s endContinue reading “Anthem for a lost generation”

ment a lot

Once, before our births, Potatoes, beans and sprouts would have grown beneath our feet, in that earth. In soil that now tended wild yellow grasses which swayed in time to the beating wings of orange tip butterflies. Remnants of privet borders stood, angled and isolated. Deep green dividing lines, dividing nothing, protecting nothing. Long silentContinue reading “ment a lot”

Tsunami Touch

She’ll never know,Why would she, how could she?The blasé innocence of soft collision,No hesitance, no indecision,Two worlds collide and meld as one,Unrequested glow of a burning sun.That bathed, and blushed my burnished skin,And drained the dark from deep within. Her presence the first morsel,When the hunger strike did end,The thirst crushing sensation,That cold summer ciderContinue reading “Tsunami Touch”


Unkempt borders and dishevelled hedges, Discarded presents and forgotten pledges. Against slate grey skies and muffled clouds, Green spikes promise to sing out loud. Twinkling ice and pitch black nights, Twitchers scour for foreign flights. From nostrils flared come steaming plumes, Curtains draw on snug living rooms. Fox bark breaks the midnight air, We mayContinue reading “January”

The Emperor’s New Clothes

I see you now, disrobed, a tryant emperor shorn of clothes,Childhood born fears that transformed to adult screams – you came so far.Played on the screens of my mind’s TV dreams, you filled my years, fate defining hate drilled tears.Fear of failure tears.Fear filled yearsFear of failing to match peers. Faces I knew, places untrue,Continue reading “The Emperor’s New Clothes”