Enhanced Questions

April 1st

For NaPoWriMo 2021, day one, we were challenged to write a poem inspired by being in a deranged state, I plundered my memories to put the following together.

How does snap, crackle and pop transform into boom, bang boom and echo around the room?

Why would a toilet breathe and a Ford Escort smile as the Policemen drive away?

What makes a tree keep its secrets; why and where could it have hidden your shirt?

Have you met Bruce Lee on the way to the toilet, chop, chop, chopping his way through the dark?

Did you see James Prior rides a nuclear-powered dolphin cloud across the sky – if not, why?

Would you giggle at the tickle of daisies growing through your finger insides?

Answer me this please. Why is it always cheese? Cheese and chocolate, chocolate and cheese, but never, ever Brie.

Can we swim to the moon and still stay in tune as the dark descends on the park?

Where does the beep so wrong, on a Bowie song, that only two hear come from?

Would the world not love better without language, as it does at sunrise in a field?

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