Notes to self

April 9th

The NaPoWriMo task of the day is to write a list poem. It could be drawn up by anyone real or imaginary and does not have to be realistic in whole.

I had my first published work when I was 11 and at Grammar School. I had two pieces of writing published in the school magazine and the character that wrote this list also features in one of those pieces.

The first lines are what is needed to do, followed by the author thinking.

To do – in no particular order of importance

(that means I can prevaricate, ace)

Order more PPE for front of house staff

(it seems silly, but we must stay safe)

Buy batteries for the PDAs

(the new checking in technology is great)

Order new stock of WD40

(should I get a quote for replacement gates?)

Call Dunhelm about the musicians’ pillows

(check their colour match with our clouds)

Call Vivienne Westwood about outfits for the choir

(now then, smocks, frocks, or shrouds?)

Clean and paint the front steps

(they are looking well shabby and bad)

Book barber’s appointment for myself

(lockdown has made me look like a professor gone mad)

Check with Number Two about his Easter plans

(he said not to order eggs this year)

Check corporate style catalogue for seasonal shoes

(why can’t they just have sandals to wear?)

Book a holiday – I NEEED a holiday!

(somewhere hot, but not as hot as the other place)

Book optician’s appointment

(maybe try a new look for my face?)

Choose new uplifting hymns

(for God’s sake, I’m tired of songs about loss)

Try not to blaspheme while thinking

(oops, sorry about that Boss)

Peter’s Memo, April 9th, 2021 (or thereabouts)

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