Haiku News – 14th April 2021

April 13th

Today’s poetry prompt was to write a poem in the form of a news article we wish would come out tomorrow.

As a Public Relations professional, I know that over 80% of news is made up of material provided by PR agencies, offices, and consultants. I’m also very aware that “news” has been condensed into ever smaller sound-bites – although I think bytes is more appropriate these days. With that in mind, I turned to my Facebook public and asked them what they want to see in the news tomorrow morning. Although I am no great fan of the Haiku, it struck me that said poetic form is perfect for creating sound-bite poetry, so I created a news bulletin in that form using my friends’ suggestions, along with a couple of my own.

Your top headline news

No flash photography used

There still maybe shocks

Second Royal dead

Rachel Glossop Regina

Charles in mourning

Shirley Williams death

Forty-one-gun salute

Only right says Dave

Barbers now reopened

Carrie claims her innocence

Johnson dismembered

Sheffield man scoops prize

Festivals to start next week

Lottery winners

Irish claim Falklands

Arlene Foster is outraged

DUP to relocate

JET2 holiday gift

Key workers free fun in sun

Families in tears

Yorkshire Tea panic

Leicester girl suicidal

Santa the hero

News readers in shock

Munchetty splits from Haggar

Naga loves Graham

And finally, this

Ostrich breaks flight speed record

Pig demands rematch

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