Attila the Stockbroker

Shouty, loud, anarchic and brilliant – I could go on casting adjectives around till the sun goes down when asked about Attila. His ability to blend biting sarcasm with right on the edge humour to get over his left-wing political rantings has always had me in awe of the man.  Like LKJ and JCC, I discovered him in my mid to late teens, and like the other two, with thanks to the legendary DJ, John Peel, who championed all three.

In later years, as he’s mellowed a bit, he ahs penned some of the most touching poetry I have read or heard. You won’t find much in the way of purple prose with Attila, but you will get the most profound sense of open honesty and accessible emotions – something that has very much left its mark on my writing.

It was many years before I finally met the man, and we have since gone on to share the same stages, twice with me opening for him. He has become a mentor of mine, and someone I greatly respect for giving a hand up and platform to aspiring poets.

You can find out about his material and gigs in his website.

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