And breathe

April 25th. Today’s prompt was to write a poem for an event past or future. Today I pay homage to that yet to be event when thousands can gather safely in a field, listening to music, drinking cider with friends, and just feeling human again.

Banish from this field the standing ghosts, escort them whining to their tombed tents,

Revoke their tickets, cut off their wrist bands, they are not valid for this coming event.

Erase the lonesome moonlit night, discard mournful clouds mooching before the sun,

Set up the fireworks, bring on the strobe lights, there’s outstanding partying to be done.

Kindly ask the Lark to be quiet while soaring, request of the Tawny silence from its perch,

Sign up the best bands, stand up the mic stands, come gather and hear the voice of our church.

Too long this hallowed field has stood deserted, only the wind offering a solemn embrace,

Fill it with free hugs, and feeeeel all that love, put the joy of a true smile on a face.

Beg the swamped stream to stop flooding, feel the pain of the brewer’s lost beer,

Let’s dance one and all, come on, have a ball, finally, our favourite festival is here!

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