Occasional Furniture

April 28th

Life is full of questions – perhaps some may be best left unanswered?

Can you trust an occasional table to still be the same in the morning?

Or will it like a lover slip away at dawn, and transform without warning?

If it took God six days to complete his work, was he made redundant on the eighth?

Or was he put on furlough, and Armageddon Friday is his new starting date?

Are black and white not colours so achromats can see Zebras at the zoo?   

Or is it a conundrum, that scientists given crayons as children simply cannot do?

When will science and religion say they don’t know what’s on the other side?

Or will they agree to disagree so by their rules we abide?

Why are there 40 types of slug residing in the UK?

Does day follow night or does night follow day?

Why can’t I find an unasked question when surfing on Google?

And why can’t I go for a walk with a non-standard poodle?

Why do I hate that song by Toto, why does it make me vexed?

And why did Disney call a dog Pluto, instead or Rover, Bob or Rex?

If I get blinded by science, can I claim for loss of sight?

And will carrying an inoffensive weapon get me locked up for the night??

How can I hear songs in my head without the use of ears?

And will someone please tell me, what is the use of tears?

Where are all these questions leading, and to what is their end?

If answers breed more questions, will I end up round the bend?

Please do leave me your thoughts and comments, in praise or constructive criticism, I appreciate them all and will reply.

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