Making a Bee Line

For the King Bee, Mr Blackeledge

April 30th

I could not resist it, naughty or not, it felt like such a novel idea to play with, so to speak.

“Major Tom to Beehive, Major Tom to Beehive, come in Beehive.”

Go ahead Major Tom, this is Beehive receiving.

“Beehive, I’ve found it, I’ve found it!

Found what Major Tom, what are you talking about?

The secret garden, I have found the secret garden of fruitful delight Beehive.”

Excellent news Major Tom, please relay directions for the rest of the swarm to follow.

“Roger that Beehive.

On leaving the hive, head directly to the Blinking Pools.

They are looking amazing today, the deepest of blues reflecting the sky,

You could get lost in their reflection, swim in them, if you could swim, which we can’t..”

Carry on Major Tom, where to next?

“Sorry Beehive, I got carried away a little.

From the Blinking Pools, follow your nose south, due south,

Till you come to the mouth of the Red River.

On a day like today it’s as well to stop and have a drink,

The water is so sweet, rolling against the banks in waves, like plush pink pillows.”

Major Tom?

“Ah, yes, onwards Beehive, onwards.

From the River, carry on south till you reach the Mountains of Moon,

You can’t miss them, they are covered in drifts of silken white snow,

Their twin peaks are just visible through the clouds blowing in off the Sea of Tranquillity.

Take the Sweet Valley Road, the High Road is prone to avalanches at this time of year.”

Good work Major Tom, good work.

“When you reach the other end of the valley you will come upon the Plains of Soft Kisses.

It’s a long flight across, but there is an oasis halfway that is good for a pitstop.

Be careful crossing here though, the sweeping bronze dunes all look the same,

It’s very easy to get lost, you might need a compass.”

Roger that Major Tom.

“Now, this is where it gets tricky, as the landmarks are prone to change.

You need to head for the Rainforest of Clam that nestles in the Valley of Limb.

There has been a lot of deforestation in those parts of late, but if you keep due south you can’t miss it.

Work your way through the forest by following the river to where it falls in to the ravine.

You will need ropes here as you descend the escarpment.

Be careful, the slopes can be very slippery, especially in the rainy season.

The next bit took me ages for figure out.

I never believed in Aladdin, but I should have, as I found the secret door.”

How do we open it Major Tom?

“O, that’s easier than you might guess, especially for us as it responds to the lightest of


It’s magic, a few gentle strokes in the right place and boom, you are in.
I will set up a training workshop when you all get here.”

What’s it like in the garden Major Tom?

“O man, it’s amazing. There’s nectar on tap 24 hours a day, there’s even a swimming pool and you can go caving if you want – it’s like Centre Parcs meets Willy Wonka for bees!”

Sounds amazing Major Tom. Anything else?

“Not really, O, if you miss the crevasse and end up at the Sink Hole of Doom, you have gone too far and need to come back.”

Roger that Major Tom.

“Err, no, just come back. Over and out.”

Please do leave me your thoughts and comments, in praise or constructive criticism, I appreciate them all and will reply.

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