No ugly duckling

For Julie, Naomi, Darren and Ollie

I’m a bit late in starting this idea, but I’m going to aim to write a sonnet a day for the month of May about things I see in my garden. Clearly it is the most appropriate month in which to do that, so here goes with the first one. With thanks to Hans Christain Anderson.

So painful the hurt when no one likes you,

When all around do desire for your death.

What crime is yours, what evil did you do?

That summons up the cries for your last breath.

No sweet squirrel you, scuttling from his dray,

No bushy tail adorns your pear like frame.

Though your are both dressed in shades of grey,

Only you they do insult with your name.

Fate bestowed on you this cruel birthright,

Of loathing in the eyes of every man.

Rejected and reviled both day and night,

An ugly duckling born to be no swan.

A plague on them who summon up their cat,

For I do love you, precious little rat.

Please do leave me your thoughts and comments, in praise or constructive criticism, I appreciate them all and will reply.

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