Garlic 18

For Brian and Karen, happy foraging.

May 7th,

Should I equate you with a fairground ride?

I find you far more exhilarating!

Discovered living among the dead we hide,

I took you home to enrich my kitchen.

The Hydra’s Ivory stars you display,

Amidst your luscious, silken verdant sprays.

Drenching Italianate woodland bouquet,

Refreshing my soul in the month of May.

Say, if your bulbous brethren be too hot,

Or their harvest days, still yet to be seen.

Your delicate flesh will enhance my pot,

Adding foraged flavours to my cuisine.

My compliment best, I leave till last though,

My most treasured days, taste of your pesto.

With a little doff of the cap to Mr. Shakespeare.

Please do leave me your thoughts and comments, in praise or constructive criticism, I appreciate them all and will reply.

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