May 11th

For Joyce and Ada

May 11th,

In preparation for my mum’s birthday today, I spent a number of days repairing a photo of her sat with her mum when she was about 16 I reckon. It took ages to finish, it was a labour of love that inspired the following poem.

Sepia tinted memories, gold dust.

Unbreakable bonds, stronger than iron,

Spring and port wine, an image of love.

Arms enfold in gentle tenderness,

Two histories portrayed in one caress,

Devotion, duty, and two mothers’ laughs.

A crystalized moment, captured and framed,

Two queens to the boy, and both he adored.

Cast in their likeness, but not with the same name,

Judge books not by covers, authors mean more.

Bonds can be broken, yes, even strong chains,

But the love of a mother always remains.

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