For Anna Louise, with thanks for the loan of her photographs

May 31st

Here peace propagates, nurturing my mind,

with buttercup, dandelion, and dock.

Amid the clematis, gentle and kind,

I sleep my beating mind, dismiss the clock.

Softly my heart sighs, secure where it lies,

My mind breathes, at ease, at last in this room.

Blackbirds flute songs into untroubled skies,

Honeysuckle and jasmine their perfumes.

Contentment the currency of this place,

Its value, more than a mountain of gold.

Midas touched not this heavenly solace,

Nature’s delicate hand tends this threshold.

In scented sanctuary, I feel blessed,

Personal paradise, my place of rest.

Please do leave me your thoughts and comments, in praise or constructive criticism, I appreciate them all and will reply

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