Tsunami Touch

The unexpected impact of a collision that reminds you just how important contact is to us all.

She’ll never know,
Why would she, how could she?
The blasé innocence of soft collision,
No hesitance, no indecision,
Two worlds collide and meld as one,
Unrequested glow of a burning sun.
That bathed, and blushed my burnished skin,
And drained the dark from deep within.

Her presence the first morsel,
When the hunger strike did end,
The thirst crushing sensation,
That cold summer cider sends
She the welcome embrace
Of a drought breaking rain,
The soothing effect of
Morphine on pain.

The unexplainable feeling,
Of first being touched by love.
The heart-warming vision of
The first Swallow above.
Every crystalized moment,
Of every breath bated return,
She cooled my mind and soothed my soul,
With her tsunami touch that burned.

She’ll never know how she moved me so,
And left me with an everlasting afterglow.

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