Soleil du Mars

Spring background with fresh green leaves.

Through closed eyes it blazes red, the light red, the heat red.
Blood red. With orange flames that stream through veins.
So intense it unfurls bones,
Spiralling into an illuminated universe,
A world only felt by one.

It’s been so long.
So, so, so long.
Had it even been this long before?
For the very first time a body lies flat on the floor,
It wants for no more.
No more than this.

A warm sea kiss strokes its lips,
And the heat soaks in.
Peeling back the layers of winter weathered skin,
It is welcomed in,
In, like the first time it let someone in.

Feel the cotton wool waves of wind roll,
Rolling up, blowing currents of joy over a soft belly sea,
The scent of lemon heat blossoms in nostrils
The radiant lover is back.

Back to remind you of school field days,
Of the meandering drunken haze,
On grass and sand and heath.
Bask, bask, bask and bathe.

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