Mercurial Moment

Napowrimo April 1st 2022
Write your own prose poem that, whatever title you choose to give it, is a story about the body. The poem should contain an encounter between two people, some spoken language, and at least one crisp visual image.

Burnished silver the perfectly placed head of hair that graced her head. I fell faster than Yossarian in that famous second line. Step aside Helen, this Paris has a parcel to deliver, and it is not for you. The box I held in my now warm palms echoed like a beatbox to the sound of my heart drumming against her soon to be held package.
Framed by the door frame, dressed in exquisite monochrome to match her crowning glory, she stood in serene peace, demanding my gaze, but without force. It was so easy.
Her eyes said she knew, mine failed to hide the same message. For a moment, the North Sea at my back stood still, the air fell to the ground, I heard only the touch of her rose painted lips on mine.

They parted and ouzed “Is that for me?” In the midst of my surrender, I think I spoke.

Stepping back, I delivered to her step. She bent slowly to collect, revealing an alpine slope of gun metal heaven.
One last meld of a glance. This moment would last us both forever. She closed the door; we never saw each other again. I love her still.

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