He sits quietly, a library at rest, only turning the pages to breathe. His unruffled cover requests calm of others, but belies the outrage and frustration written on his pages.

What planet is he from, this magician of mayhem? He pushes the limits of outrageous attire beyond known galaxies of lunacy, spinning in his own orbit of joy.

There are caves inside him filled with more love than Aladdin could wish for in gold. Deep runs his tempest, but when he sails the stage, his oceans become still mill ponds. And the sun blazes.

Each time he giggles, Peter Pan cracks his chrysalis and laughter’s wings flutter like a butterfly. If he knew how to grow up, he would politely decline, sprinkle fairy dust in your path and beat the drum of fun.

From ashes Nightingales too can rise. From a rusted cage he flew on wings of canine red to soar the skies. See how he flies, man and boy reflected in his eyes. His father’s loss will be his son’s prize.

Delicate are the mountains of this mountainous man. Gently strolls the giant through life. Should winter return unexpectedly, there would be warmth for us all in the shelter of his company.

Languid lie his twisted long locks as his feet peddle his licks. Licks and tricks that his and others’ music mix. Languid too the language that torrents from his lips. Prospero of the potentially deranged – his words not mine.

Clear the dance floor! The staccato moves of the vodka infused flamingo are set to begin. Zig zagging his way through fields and tents with a smile as wide as the Nile, the mester is a jester, no joke. Top fella, heart on his sleeve; top bloke.

Says Tweedledee to Tweedledum, do you recall all the football and the work humdrum? And our clean shaven faces and polished shoes with perfectly tied laces? And the way we would sit and perfectly fit with lots of anonymous faces?

Says Tweedledum to Tweedledee, can that really have been you and me? Weren’t we always this wild, ragged, and iconically free? I guess we weren’t but I’ll tell you this for free, I’m damn glad you are you and I am me.

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