Dream with your eyes open

Image by Artyshab

When you dream, do you do it with your eyes closed?
Do you pin your dreams on thorny spikes,
like some hapless Shrike,
that hangs it's fallen prey out to dry
under unforgiving skies?
And in the parched breeze
they hang, listless, lifeless
like forgotten brittle leaves.

Do you tether them to trees?
To be rendered shadows of Buddhist cloth,
flirting with the clouds,
becoming the supper of moths.
Left standing alone,
to be neglected and rejected
like the unrequited love 
of a teenage boy.

Breathe life into your dreams, 
you gave birth to them,
you want them to live, 
to take on life
like glacial melt
thundering down mountains
to feed forests and plains.

Dream with your eyes open. 

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