Spring song

First the blue, among the green,
             the hazy, wavy blue of Forget-me-nots,
                    stalkless, hovering above brown earth unseen,
          yellow eyes blinking through slots.

      And then the blue shade returns,
This time in a darker hue,
 lips of polished navy, upturned,
              bonnets of Bluebell trumpets come into view.

             Then miniature lamplights of canary yellow,
                dotted here and there in crowds or stood solo,
                    the glowing showy bridesmaids of Easter's meadows,
velveteen Cowslips take their bow.

And when night falls, the candles of Chestnut trees will shine,
to light the way, while we await the day,
to see Laburnum drape gold Rapunzel locks and let them sway,
like free swimming bell ropes in a belfry.

You know it's Spring when the flowers start to sing. 

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