Steel Toads

NaPoWriMo 2023, Day 24

Today we were asked to write a review of something that normally does not warrant one. I asked my Facebook friends to suggest a subject and or others that cold be included in the poem.
I was given warts on toads, Dame Edna Everidge and how steel transforms at 723 degrees making it stronger and more useful. Average stuff really!


As transformations go, I cannot recommend God’s work with the poor toad.
I wonder, what sin did it commit to deserve such an insulting end of the road?
First fashioned in a smooth, ebony, silk, sperm shape; such a lovely start.
Only to be “blessed” by blemishes, sludge skin, a wide gob and warts.

One should not judge a book by its cover, but surely,
You would need to be short on hope to take a toad as a lover?
If ever there was a case of a face only loved by its mother,
Sir Les Patterson aside, toady’s fizzog is above all others.

And that green-grimaced expression is quite surreal,
The visual interpretation of the mutation of steel,
When austenite turns and burns in pain to pearlite at 723 degrees.
I do have sympathy for the former polliwog, but toads are just not for me.

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