Wordworth’s Shroud

For Jethro, and his love of all things renewing May 6th Spring’s herald hangs voiceless, faceless, silent. Now the trumpet beckons a new season, Its first flush of life so soon sadly spent, Energies engaged for other reasons. Dried tobacco ponytails tumble out, Like clay-coloured flowing rivers in flood, Elephant hide desiccated by drought, ParchedContinue reading “Wordworth’s Shroud”

Myopsida Palmatum Atropurpureum

For Derek & Elaine May 5th In Winter’s cold lifeless light, you appear. Delicate silent limbed, full of deceit, Unpainted canvas with oils not yet smeared, Pearl snowdrops swaying gently above your feet. Like a temptress in Spring, you taunt and tease, Playing guessing games of “what will I wear?” With dried aubergine squid youContinue reading “Myopsida Palmatum Atropurpureum”