Bright Moons

April 3rd, 2021
I chose not to take today’s suggested inspiration for NaPoWriMo, instead I wrote this message to at least two people I know who are currently holding a great wealth of memories during very difficult times.

We are bright moons reflected in other people’s skies,

Flying through mysterious phases, sometimes out of sight and touch,

Our orbits interlace, eyes interface,

Hands and heart stations interlock, we dock.

Clouds will, for sure, obscure the view,

Monsoons will pour and thunder roar before the lightning cracks,

But at break of day, the sun will say – no more.

This sky is yours; clouds will pass, they always do.

Lament not your vacant lunar light, through glorious day or darkest night,

But celebrate that stellar sight, with all its stunning astral might,

With neck bent skyward and with joyful, tearful, grateful eyes,

Say, I see you my darling, your radiance, my moon in my sky.

2 thoughts on “Bright Moons

  1. Beautiful. I don’t use prompts, especially for poetry, unless I’m really really really stuck and prefer to let my words flow naturally. And the natural flow was evident in your poem 🙂 I wish good times to your two friends as well.

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