Still Here

April 4th

Today, we were challenged to select a photograph from the perpetually disconcerting @SpaceLiminalBot, and write a poem inspired by one of the odd, in-transition spaces.
I chose the one below.

Look at you standing there, illuminated in your glare.

Why have you come here?

What did you hope to find?

Do you think I am here just for you, just in this one moment, just for you? You and you alone?

This moment we share, as you stand and stare, you appear to me

You appear, just appear, in this moment and no other

We are frozen

Frozen in time, captured by time, frozen, cold, cold and frozen

Why are you there, what meaning are you placing on me and what you see?

I see you, see you seeing me and yet you don’t see me, you see something other, other than me.

What is it you are searching for?

Some divine intervention, inspiration, cultivation?

When you leave I will still be here

Here, alone, still and alone and you will be gone

Gone, far gone, like the snow in summer

Your tracks will be erased, your presence erased

But I will be here, still here, here and alone, on my own

Even with no one looking at me – I will be here

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