The editing suite

Napowrimo April 14th, 2022

Write a poem that is the introduction to a film about your life.

Video: Start with a black screen, I’ve always liked a black screen. No sound.

Audio: Fade up the sound of faint, laboured breathing
Then easing, getting stronger, small children chattering
Now regular breath and the sound of tea cups clattering

The fade
Video: Slowly an iris opens in the centre of the screen
Audio: A bonfire crackles, Pistols, God Save the Queen

The reveal
Video: Iris reveals a desert, blazing sun, far off a dust devil spins
Audio: Parties, live music, the pub, a Song Thrush sings

The zoom
Video: Zigzagging, like the pleached snakes of a hedgerow
The camera creeps in, crawling through falling snow
Audio: Football crowds, pugnacious sounds and teachers failing to teach
Church bells, a vicar speaks, miners laugh, cars tyres screech

The cut:
Video: a man stands still in the devil’s midst, the whirlpool stops
Audio: Bring in raging winds, spiralling gusts with screaming wails atop

The second reveal
Video: The tornado shoots heavenward, it is no more
Audio: Silence, then a deafening roar

The trick
Video: In the distance a brick is flying, through the sky it’s falling
Audio: A melange of voices, some talking, some calling

The pull
Video: The brick is heading straight toward us, hairs bristling
Audio: By the edges of the brick the wind is whistling

The reverse cut
Video: Hitting a mirror, the brick smashes the past
Audio: The sound of shattering, falling glass

The clip
Video: Return to a black screen
Audio: A Baby screams

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