Flotsam and Jetsam

Napowrimo April 15th, 2022

Today we are tested to write a poem about something that does not interest us – cheers for that!

It’s feeding time at the beach,
Foam waves rolling in,
Wrinkly feet just out of reach.

Bottles carry texts on white crests.
My disinterest?
Sport, games, cars, clothes, booze, or sex?

Uninspiring hoped for hints,
Go return to sea,
You failed crystal boats that glint!

Spied there bobbing on the brine,
Inspiration mine.
Glistening, a prize divine.

A swelling cask of ennui,
Salvaging thoughts of
Barrels of antipathy.

Of all that drifts o’er the sea,
Flotsam of the tide,
Gossip shares no time with me.

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