Goldilocks and the Three Lies

Goldilocks was tired,
Tired and fatigued from so much work.
So he lay down on his new chaise longue
“No, this just does not lie right”
“Its too small” said Goldilocks

Next, he lay down on a grand settee
“No, this does not lie right either”
“It’s not comfy enough for us all,”
said Goldilocks.

So Goldilocks had a huge bed made that was big enough for him and all his friends,

but nobody else.

And he invited all of his gold loving friends round to come and see his new bed, even though he would never ever sleep in it, because he had told everyone else that sleeping was bad.

“O, this is lovely” said Goldilocks,
“This is the best lie ever.”

And they all lived happily ever after.

Unless they died of course.
With no one to say goodbye to.

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