Napowrimo April 27, 202

Today’s test, and it was a bit of one, was to write a Duplex Poem. Being on this isldan at the time, it felt right to write this one.

But only my eyes have seen these things

Not like this sea water that cools my skin

For it cooled the skin of those who spoke Latin

And the Greeks who adored phallic gourds,

The fake tat phallus now adored by drunken hordes

Who cherish not the scented pines.

So cherished by Moors in ancient times,

Whose olives and lemons light up trees.

Not flourescent bulbs strung on dead palm trees,

Or buxom oranges just out of reach

Hedonists desire buxom fruit tanned on the beach

They won’t keep watch from your pirate towers

Your one-eyed jacks and karaoke kings,

But only my eyes have seen these things

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