Napowrimo April 28, 2022

Our task today was to create a concret poem, one that is not just words, but creates a shape that is a feature of the poem – it is very hard to do that on wordpress, but I gave it a go.

Bulbous, buxom bounty

of baubles burning brightly, ball of Naranja

flames born to be bitten. Once peeled, stripped of their

goosebumped skin, they may be crushed to life, squeezed with sweet

zest. To then awaken the senses like a cockerel breaking the dawn, to pop our eyes,

to make our ears laugh and nostrils dance. To pour lethargy down the drain, energy into brains to let leathery tongues wash in a vitamin sea, it’s amazing how vital this fruit can be.

And yet it struggles to find a rhyme, this glowing sun of golden rind, but to that I will

heed no mind, for to pick fault is so unkind. I mean to say,

from oranges is often made, the very best


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