From Premium Bonds to Gronching

Napwrimo April 29, 23022

 Today we were asked to muse on the gifts we received at birth. I did not take this one too seriously.

Of all the riches I could have had,
it wasn’t the premium bond from my dad.

He kept it for me for years and years,
but all our hopes ended in tears.

A guaranteed pay-out is what they said,
but only if the buyer’s not dead.

Not that it matters I had no luck,
in 60 years my number never came up.

Of all the gifts I got from my mum,
the best was “don’t give up, carry on son”.

Of all the things I was bequeathed,
it must have been my super strong teeth.

They were great for opening bottles of pop, then
gronching auntie’s pocket toffees made them rot.

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