NaPoWriMo 2023, Day 5

Another shift ended,
We rise from dark to dark,
Men filling the air,
With Hyena barks.

Coal cutters still,
Joint showers done,
Pasties eaten,
To home we run.

But it’s hard to run,
With two broken legs,
No home tonight,
Straight to hospital bed.

Standing at my parent’s door,
A friend with missive bad.
Portal ajar, it now reveals,
The terror known as my dad.

“I’ve got bad news”.
“There’s been an accident.”
A hush falls upon our step.
Terror stands there in silence.

“Is he alive?” was all he asked,
Keith nodded and said no more.
Neither did my flinchless dad,
Just turned and shut the door.

PS This is a totally tue story!


12 thoughts on “Flinchless

  1. The end hits hard. I flinched at the honesty of the piece. The title is so powerful. Also, the poem puts me in mind of the film ‘ How green was my Valley’.

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  2. My Grandpa was a miner, and until the very last day he went under, I know my Gran lived with the fear he wouldn’t be coming back. This poem resonates with me deeply. (I loved sitting by the dining room table, listening to him retell stories of his times and adventures down under).

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