NaPoWriMo 2023, Day 6

Today’s challenge, to take a poem in another language, read it aloud, feel the structures in the sound and then use that to influence a poem of your own.
I’ve always liked the musicality of African languages so I was drawn to Come People by Isabella Motadinyane. Written in her native Sotho, it is a call to the community to come together and do good work.

I really like the way she uses the word “paaha”(which appears to be Punjabi) as punctuation. I have tried to follow that example with “coddiwomple” a word my youngest daughter fed me this week. It is English slang, meaning “to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague, destination”.


Tlong my loopies, loons and lovelies!
There’s stuff to do,
Let’s coddiwomple.

Come on my fruitcakes, fam and friends!
Bring your shades and hues,
Let’s coddiwomple.

Don’t be long my kindred, kith and crew!
No time to dither you,
Let’s coddiwomple.

Sing songs my cousins, kids and clan!
Swamp the air wet through,
Let’s coddiwomple.

What is the point of being here?
What is the point of getting there?
If not, this joyous journey shared?
Let’s coddiwomple.

Let’s coddiwomple.
Come coddiwomple.
Yes coddiwomple.
Let’s coddiwomple.
All coddiwomple.




*Tlong is a Sotho word meaning “come along”

5 thoughts on “Coddiwomple

  1. Coddiwomple– a gift from your youngest daughter to all those who read this lovely, uplifting poem. Thank you for writing it.


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