Velvet Kisses

NaPoWriMo 2023, Day 7

Today we were asked to write a poem inspired by a list. I wrote two, a silly one while still in bed, and one with more meaning that required three cups of tea.


I don’t write lists, and I’ll tell you why for
1), Because that gives you another job
2) do, and
3)’s a crowd, which is no fun
4) anyone, and I
8) missing things off them.

Velvet Kisses

What am I going to need?

The staunch belief of a migrating Swallow
The soft tender touch of a mothering sow
The calm cool patience of the Dali Lama
The grand strength of an Ox pulling the plough
The sweet luck of a lottery winner
The rich provender a king’s banquet brings
The innocent hope of a child in its mother
The firm faith that Winter’s followed by Spring

What am I going to get?

The glowing smile of a Jamaican sunset
The deep warmth that radiates from the sun
The unbound joy of a gurgling baby
The intense pride of a gold winning run
The unshaking belief of an ocean
More treasure than the wealth of ten Sheiks
The profound pride of a dad at a wedding
And; velvet kisses from all nature’s Angels,
Softly dusting my cheeks.

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