Once more?

NaPoWriMo 2023, Day 9

Today we were asked to write a sonnet based on or around love. I was inspired by Jill Alexander Essbaum’s simply titled Sonnet, which was given in the resource for the prompt. I like the way she drops the rhymes I to the middle of the line, sometimes twice. So I tried to follow that guide. Let me know if you think it works.


To contemplate and cogitate, the loss

Of things we never owned, but had

With those who fate thrust on us, the bad

Ill-starred, I’ll-matched and givers of no toss?

T’hell with sour grapes? We are their loss!

Vanity makes for a lonesome bride,

Under gaslights bright, many have died

Cold death. No kiss of life, no shock jump

Start, can ever restart switched off hearts.

Isolation chamber grants sanctuary;

And growth. In the welding, leave a chink,

To let in light, to think. Of melded forms

Of hands n eyes, and smouldering entangled thighs,

And try, and cry “once more into the brink?”

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