Case for the defence

Napowrimo 2023, Day 29

In following today’s prompt, I stumbled across Byron’s When We Two Parted and was inspired by the metre and rhyme to create a two part poem (see what I did there?) that includes a food that has a speaking line as a particular person.
Earlier this month I harangued the Butter Bean, and many poetic peers sprang to its defence, so, I gave the accused its day in court.


Court rise for his Honour.
How does the accused plead?
Not guilty your Honour,
Then pray, let us proceed.
The prosecution states,
With very lucid claims,
That your flavour he hates,
And his taste buds you maim.
Your texture on his tongue,
Is like a sludgy slug,
As a food you are just wrong,
He would hang you if he could.

“Madame Butter Bean, how do you reply?”

“Your honour, I here beg
You, to let me clearly state,
As many witnesses do claim,
I’m the best thing on a plate.
In fine sauce of garlic dressed,
Or me with pesto he should taste,
An in cassoulet I do impress.
Please judge me not in haste.
His mother cooked me from a tin,
Stored in the dark pantry,
Served in a gruel so thin,
My Lord, please show mercy”

Court will rise.

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